Sheva conducts research on the labor market and social issues. We do factory audits and research labor protection systems in emerging markets.


Ø  Sheva also conducted a three years study for Verite and the US Department of Labor (2009-2012), researching the scale and causes of forced labor along the supply chains of the shrimp sector in  three districts of coastal Bangladesh.


Ø  Sheva has researched “The Extent of Over-Indebtedness” in the weaving sector of Bangladesh as part of an ILO sponsored study on Preventing and Eliminating Over-Indebtedness in South Asia (PEISA) in 2005-06.


Ø  In August 2006, as a panel member of a PVH seminar, Sheva presented a comparative study on the Existing Minimum wage and Living conditions of Garment workers in Bangladesh.


Ø  From 2000 to 2005, Sheva conducted a five year “Emerging Markets Research” study in Pakistan, in partnership with Verité and CalPERS/NYCERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System/New York City Employees’ Retirement System). The study examined labor laws and labor conditions in Pakistan to evaluate the market potential of the country’s labor force. The research included interviewing four levels of stakeholders: the government, business owners, NGOs, and trade unions.


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