Salma Majnul Haque


Salma Majnul Haque, chairperson and a founder member of Sheva.She has played a leading role in planning and directing the operations of Sheva during its inception phase. She has been running Sheva’s catering service since 1991. She oversees and coordinates resource generation for all innovative programs of Sheva targeted tow ards women entrepreneurship development



 Sayeeda Khan 


Sayeeda Khan, is the Founder Director and CEO of Sheva with nearly three decades of experience of working with grass roots people. Her career began with managing an export oriented garment factory in the mid-eighties, progressing to working in the 90’s as an independent consultant on womens’ issues. She has worked for organizations such as the UNESCO, UNDP, The Red Crescent Society, UNICEF, ILO and the Royal Netherlands Embassy (DGIS). Sayeeda’s sense of entrepreneurism drove her to establish Sheva in 1991 along with nine other associates




 Afsana M. Kamal


Afsana M. Kamal , un urban planner, is a partner of Sheltech Consultant Prv.Ltd., leading urban planning consulted firm, that has accomplished numerous physical planning, land use, secondary town infrastructure training for the Govt. of Bangladesh since the early Nineties. She has made valuable contribution to the formation and growth of Sheva over the years and has giving leadership in Sheva’s housing and rehabilitation program in the slums and squatters of urban Dhaka.


 Nilufer Karim


Nilufer Karim has been a member of Sheva from its inception phase and has played a leading role in funding the organization. She has a rich training background and has served as a management counselor at Bangladesh Institute of Management for 20 years. She specializes on Gender based Analysis, Gender in Development, Gender responsive Planning and Budgeting. She has held important positions for the government of Bangladesh in Human and Institutional Development (HID), Entrepreneurship Development. She has been a lead coordinator in Policy Leadership and Advocacy for Gender Equality (PLAGE II) Project– A project of Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA).



 Masuda Khan


Masuda Khan, founder member of Sheva, is dedicated social worker. She has excellent culinary skills particularly in vegetarian cooking. Sheva’s catering service’s reputation over the last 25 years is attributable to her hard work and quality assurance.

Board Member-1

 Sylvia Islam


Sylvia Islam, member, executive body of Sheva, is a Senior Development Advisor, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Over the last fifteen years she has served important portfolios in agriculture and environment sectors in her capacity as development advisor of CIDA. She has worked closely with the GOB thematic groups on Environment to provide her sub-group=s inputs to the PRSP. She has also been involved in managing CIDA’s Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for supporting local civil society organization. 

Board Member-2

 Sharmin Ahmed


Sharmin Ahmed, member of Sheva’s executive board has been involved in setting up and developing Sheva’s Day Care programs from 1991. As Finance Director of Sheva, she oversees all financial transactions, transparency and accountability. She is responsible for preparation of all financial reports.

Board Member-3

 Tahsina Haque


Tahsina Haque has been a school teacher for over 20 years. As a board member of Sheva she plays an important role in Sheva’s Child Literacy programs. She is an active social worker and sponsors Sheva’s cultural events

Board Member-4

 Durafshan H Chowdhury


Durafshan H Chowdhury is a retired civil servant and has over 25 years of work experience in Rural Development, Local Government, Law and Justice, Policy and Advocacy for the GoB. She worked in UNDP as program manager, Local Governance and held the position of program specialist and Local Governance advisor to UNDP/UNCDF funded project for Local Government.  She is a leading member of Sheva’s Executive Body

Board Member-5

Kazi Sufia Akhtar


Specialist in Gender /WID, Participatory Trainingfacilitator, Community development, Human Resource Development, Journalism, Health related issues specially Women’s health and reproductive rights. Freelance gender consultant and participatory training facilitator.





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