Launched in 1993, Sheva’s Micro Credit Program was originally designed following the Grameen Bank model. Gradually, it has been customized into Sheva’s own model through a continuous review and updating process. Our micro finance program currently serves 18,178 women and their households with micro loans, small loans for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), and seasonal credit.

As our loans to women help their poor households increase income and build family assets, the position of women within their families improves.  Their voices are heard, particularly with regard to their decisions about the education of their daughters and postponement of their marriages.As of May 31, 2014, Sheva has distributed tk 217,94,19,000 to poor and marginalized women.

These programs finance a range of activities including food processing, small scale manufacturing of readymade garments, footwear and plastic goods, trading, running small shops, transport services, and many other income generating enterprises.

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