All of Sheva’s board members are women. Its organization structure comprises of a general body, an executive body and a board of advisors. The executive body is a governing board headed by the executive director who is also the chief executive officer of the organization. The Executive Director along with the senior management staff carries out the operational responsibilities of all programs. Their dynamic leadership has established Sheva as an institution to promote the needs & aspirations of Bangladeshi women. The senior management team is accountable to the executive body for all implemented programs. The executive body is accountable to the general body

The Executive Committee

1 Salma Majnul Huq Chairperson
2 Sayeeda Roxana Khan Executive Director 
3 Sharmeen Ahmed Treasurer
4 Afsana Murshed Kamal Member
5 Sylvia Islam Member
6 Tahsina Huq Member
7 Kazi Sufia Akter Member

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